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    I'm from Toronto, Canada and I'm a prize winning Graphic Designer.

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About Us

Who Am I?

Hi I'm Jackson Ford a talented art director, graphic designer and entrepreneur! I come alive working with truly awesome brands and companies who bring vibrant cultures, awesome ideas, and positive vibes into the world.

I am here to help you own your brand! I thrive when working with visionary clients, rule breakers, and game changers. I love bold, innovative, and meaningful projects with strategic design solutions using a customer first approach.

Graphic Design

Web Design



I am happy to you know
that 300+ projects done sucessfully!

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What I do?

Here are some of my expertise

Innovative Ideas

I am business-minded and want to help you jump start your company's success!


Clean, Intuitive and Easy To Understand Software Design is my style.


Worked with 40+ clients on web and ios application designs.

Graphic Design

Graphics to launch your brand or companies may need something more.

Web Development

Get your website - personal or business built with creative ideas.

App Development

Launch your business not just on the web, but also on phone.

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My Specialty

My Skills

If you've got an idea brewing up your head, be it a starup, website or even a school project, I'm here to offer my skills. I love working with intuitive people who've a goal to accomplish.














Toronto Graphic Design College.

Won the annual college graphic design competition.

Studied CS from Toronto Institute of Science and Technology. My interests were in Web and App Development.

  • Built the official college website
  • Revamped the college app UI

Went to Saint Joseph's College for High School. This is where I picked up an interest in Graphic and Web Design. I was also interested in science.


Work Experience

Full Stack Developer - Zulu Tech 2014-2015

Started off being a full stack developer at Zulu Tech. I worked on making the payments system of Zulu better and succeded. I also worked on creating it's setting page.

Front End Developer at Penrose Inc. 2015-2016

I shifted to NYC for a while and worked as a Frontend developer. It was fun bringing designs to life using code. Get more details of my work in my resume.

Sr. Engineer - ABC Inc. 2016-2017

I was hired as a Sr. Engineer at ABC Inc. in 2017 so I moved back to Canada. I worked on some major projects here like Database Migration and Queue Locking.

Creative Designer 2017-2018

I quit my job to work as a solo creative designer and web developer. I've been working with over 40+ clients over the course of my time.

UI/UX Designer at Envato 2017-2018

I also submit my designs to Evanto and they're available for sale. Check it out at Themeforest.

My Work

Recent Work

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Web Design

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