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Direct Calls

FreshSoft is one of the rare systems which allow calls to be directly transferred to it, and doesn’t involve any hardware or software installations for the purpose.

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Analytics & Reporting

The important highlight of FreshSoft is not only how it receives information, but also the array of possibilities it provides for users to manage this data.

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Lead Management

FreshSoft does a very good job in terms of contact management, and the advanced differentiation between pending, won, and lost deals.

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With FreshSoft, there are no bulky and complex set up procedures, multiple integrations are up and functioning, and all operations are performed and stored in cloud.

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Big Benefits for Small Business

You can sync all events and scheduled demos, and track them from your mobile device, wherever you are.

  • Visual Sales Pipeline
  • Calendar Sync
  • Insightful Email Metrics
  • Interactive Pipeline Management

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How FreshSoft is different

FreshSoft is one of the top 3 CRM Softwareproducts.

  • Mobile Integration
  • Automation
  • Action-oriented Follow Ups


All in One Place

Experienced FreshSoft users are already familiar with the fact that they can rely on this company, and count on a knowledgeable technical team to answer all of their questions.

  • Auto Profile Enrichment
  • Appointments
  • Simple drag and drop Navigation

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This is a monthly recurring payment.

  • Workflows (Basic)
  • Reports and Dashboards (Basic)
  • 10,000 Records

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This is a monthly recurring payment.

  • Multi-user Portals
  • Data Encryption (EAR)
  • Unlimited Records

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FreshSoft is so simple, it’s so easy to use. And from the customer’s standpoint it’s very intuitive. The customer support is amazing

— Garry Alexander


Our online ordering has increased about 4x in the past 3–4 years and FreshSoft has made it easier and more efficient to get orders through. It fits right into the operational flow.

— James Robertson


We’ve increased our sales from 20–25% since we’ve implemented FreshSoft into our pipeline and would never look back.

— Kip Hugh

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FreshSoft was intended to be a dynamic analytic contributor, which doesn’t only reveal magnificent sales insights, but gives companies hints on how to use those to their advantage.

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What is a Publishing Calendar?

The Publishing Calendar gives you a complete overview of all your scheduled and published posts across social channels, arranged by the week or month. The posts listed in Calendar are color coded.

Will people that I add as leads and contacts show up in reports?

Yes. Whether you manually or automatically add someone as a Lead or a Contact, it'll show up in CRM reports under their respective columns.

Can I see Brand Health stats for all my social channels?

Brand Health stats show how your Brand is performing for the last 30 days. This data is available for the following social channels: Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, LinkedIn Company Page, Instagram Profile.

Who can see my discussions on FreshSoft?

All discussions around Posts, Connections, Mentions or Reports are shared with all members regardless of their role.

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